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If you want to add a burst of color and vibrancy to your garden quickly, fast-growing annual flowers are the perfect solution. These plants provide instant beauty and bring joy and freshness to any outdoor space. Whether you have limited gardening experience or want quick results, incorporating the Top 10 Fast-Growing Annual Flowers into your landscape will undoubtedly create a stunning display that will leave everyone in awe. From vibrant marigolds to delicate cosmos, let’s explore these awesome blossoms that can transform your garden into a mesmerizing oasis in the blink of an eye.


Top 10 Fast-Growing Annual Flowers

Marigolds are the go-to choice for any gardener looking for a classic, fast-growing annual that never fails to deliver vibrant colors and stunning blossoms. With its bright yellow, orange, and mahogany hues, this versatile flower is a bang-for-your-buck addition to any garden or landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just starting, marigolds are an excellent investment that will bring joy and beauty throughout the growing season.

The most remarkable feature of marigolds is their rapid growth rate. Within just eight weeks of planting, these magnificent flowers burst into bloom, revealing their dazzling array of colors. This quick turnaround time makes them perfect for impatient gardeners who crave instant gratification. Marigolds are incredibly easy to grow and require minimal maintenance. They thrive in various soil types and tolerate drought conditions and heat exceptionally well.

Sweet Pea Flowers

Top 10 Fast-Growing Annual Flowers

The sweet pea, a stunning vining flower adorned with ruffled blossoms and delicate tendrils, thrives when it finds support on bean tepees, arbors, trellises, or fences. Its graceful presence adds beauty to any garden landscape. For those residing in northern climates, the ideal time to sow sweet pea seeds is early spring when the temperatures are still cool. Gardeners in the southern regions would benefit from planting these charming flowers during autumn. Before planting, it is recommended to soak the sweet pea seeds for several days, allowing them to absorb enough moisture for successful germination.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is one of the most beloved fast-growing annual vines with old-fashioned charm. Its trumpet-shaped and exquisite flowers, ranging in hues from delicate pink, white, and purple to vibrant blue and magenta, have become a favorite among garden enthusiasts. This enchanting vine thrives under sunny conditions, making it a true sun worshipper.

They are known for their rapid growth rate, allowing them to quickly cover trellises, fences, and walls with lush foliage and stunning floral display. Their tendrils wind gracefully around any support they encounter, creating an elegant and romantic atmosphere wherever they flourish.

Although Morning Glories are annuals, meaning they complete their life cycle within a year, they self-seed easily. This quality ensures that even if you don’t replant them each season, their beautiful blossoms will still grace your garden year after year.

It’s worth noting that some species of Morning Glories are regarded as invasive in certain regions due to their vigorous growth habit. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you choose non-invasive varieties suitable for your specific location when incorporating Morning Glories into your garden design.


Top 10 Fast-Growing Annual Flowers

Zinnias are vibrant and cheerful flowers in a wide range of stunning colors, making them an ideal choice for adding pops of color to your garden or floral arrangements. Available in almost every color imaginable, these perky bloomers will bring joy to any space.

When you plant zinnia seeds, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they germinate and sprout tiny seedlings. You’ll see the first signs of life peeking through the soil within a few days after sowing. This fast growth is exciting and incredibly rewarding for gardeners who crave instant gratification.

After six short weeks from planting the seeds, the zinnias will reward your patience with their beautiful blooms. Whether radiant reds, sunny yellows, or soft pastels, these flowers add charm and elegance to any garden bed or vase arrangement.


Phlox, a vigorous grower, is an excellent option for gardeners seeking a simple solution to challenging growing areas. With its stunning beauty and unwavering resilience, this perennial plant thrives in spots that prove difficult for other plants. Adorned with little clusters of dainty flowers, phlox showcases an array of vibrant hues, including pink, red, white, blue, and purple. These charming blooms come together to form breathtaking sweeps of color during the early summer months, effortlessly elevating any border or container they inhabit.

It is known for its adaptability and resilience, and Phlox excels in various growing conditions. Whether your garden boasts full sun or partial shade, this hardy plant is up to the task. Its versatility extends even further as it can flourish equally well in various soil types – from sandy to loamy to clayey. This accessibility allows gardeners with different soil compositions to enjoy the beauty and benefits of phlox without additional hassle.

Bachelor’s Button

The Bachelor’s Button is an incredibly adorable flower that brings back memories of Grandma’s charming garden. With its delicate frilly flowers, it has a quaint and nostalgic appeal. But beyond its cuteness, one of the best things about this flower is its easy growth. Low-maintenance plants are always a delight for gardeners, and the Bachelor’s Button is no exception. It requires minimal effort but rewards you with fast growth and vibrant blooms. To ensure optimal growth, sow these seeds in sunny areas where they can receive ample sunlight throughout the day.

This flower’s ability to self-seed and naturalize makes it even more attractive. Once you have established a mature plant, it will scatter its seeds effortlessly, allowing new plants to sprout up independently. This naturalizing process adds a charming and carefree touch to your garden.


Nasturtium, a vibrant and visually stunning herbaceous perennial with brilliant orange blooms and emerald green foliage, is commonly grown annually due to its fast growth and easy maintenance. Known for its prettiest edible flowers, this plant adds a touch of beauty to any garden or landscape. When sown, seedlings will typically emerge in just over a week.

Nasturtium offers various color options to suit different preferences. The creamy yellow Peach Melba variety is an excellent choice for those seeking a softer hue. This cultivar showcases delicate petals that add a subtle elegance to any floral arrangement or dish.

With its quick growth rate and effortless care requirements, nasturtium is an excellent option for novice and experienced gardeners. Whether to brighten your outdoor space or diversify your edible flower collection, this versatile plant will bring joy and beauty throughout its growing season.

California Poppy

Top 10 Fast-Growing Annual Flowers

The mesmerizing beauty of California poppies can be further enhanced with a simple gardening technique known as deadheading. Removing the faded blossoms stimulates these lovely flowers to bloom in abundance. It is essential to exercise caution while deadheading, as leaving a few spent flowers on the stems is crucial in ensuring the plants self-seed.

Deadheading involves snipping off the old, withered flowers from the plant. This process not only improves the overall aesthetic appeal of California poppies but also encourages them to produce more blooms. When these vibrant orange or yellow petals are regularly removed, it stimulates the plant to continue flowering throughout the season.

Notably, when deadheading California poppies, one must be mindful of sparing some spent blooms on each stem. This strategic decision allows the plant to scatter seeds for future growth. These seeds often fall from the remaining seedpods onto adjacent soil or wind up in neighboring areas – thus allowing new plants to emerge and flourish without any additional effort.


Sunflowers are a beloved flower that appeals to various groups, including artists, gardeners, and wildlife enthusiasts. Their daisy-shaped blooms are visually stunning and possess a vintage charm that adds character to any garden. One remarkable aspect of sunflowers is their rapid growth rate; these flowers can reach heights of 6 feet or more in just three months, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a fast-growing plant.

Due to their robust nature, these annuals thrive in flower beds and cutting gardens. Featuring sturdy stalks and large leaves, they can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. Sunflowers also make excellent border plants, creating a beautiful living fence that adds texture and color to the landscape.


Top 10 Fast-Growing Annual Flowers

Cosmos is a fast-growing annual plant that can self-seed and spread quickly. For gardeners looking to save some money, harvesting seeds in autumn can provide the opportunity to replant them in various locations during springtime. What makes the cosmos truly remarkable are its elegant blooms, which resemble crepe paper and are found on long, slender stems.

These blooms possess a unique beauty that sets them apart from other flowers. Although the cosmos seeds germinate quickly and establish themselves rapidly, it is essential to note that the plant’s true glory lies in its summer blossoms. Thus, patience becomes an essential virtue when cultivating the cosmos. Taking proper care of this beautiful plant is relatively straightforward.

In terms of appearance, the cosmos showcases various colors, including vibrant pinks, purples, and whites. This diversity adds an element of excitement and variety to any garden where they are planted. The cosmos can reach varying heights depending on the specific type, ranging from two feet tall to over six feet.

One notable feature of these plants is their ability to attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies with their nectar-rich flowers. This makes the cosmos aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for promoting biodiversity within your garden ecosystem.


Annual flowers are a fantastic addition to any garden. They provide an array of vibrant colors and beautiful blooms that can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of any space. The top 10 fast-growing annual flowers listed above are ideal for those seeking quick results and a burst of color in their gardens. From the stunning zinnias to the delicate cosmos, these flowers will impress with their rapid growth and abundant blooms. So why wait? Start planting these fast-growing annual flowers today and enjoy a garden filled with beauty and splendor all season long!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest growing annual?

Cosmos, similar to Morning Glory, is a favored selection for gardens as it swiftly flourishes and contributes lively hues. This plant, alongside Zinnias, can be effortlessly grown from seeds and offers profuse blossoms throughout the summer. Cosmos is a dependable choice for individuals searching for rapid-growth options, much like Phlox, Bachelor’s Button, Nasturtium, and California Poppy.

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